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We offer personalised guided tours for ALL skills and fitness levels. Electric Mountain Bikes gives everyone the power to cycle in mountains areas and experiment very different mountain sceneries under the supervision of a guide. The only prerequisite is to know how to ride a bike!

Welcome to Verbier-EBIKETOUR

We offer bike tours in the Verbier region  with electrical mountain bikes. From the unspoiled Haut Val de Bagnes to the famous glacier of Mont-Fort, we offer a selection of great loops in this colorful region.  Accessible for everyone  from 14 years old. 

You don’t need any previous mountain bike experience to take part to our tours. You just need to be able to ride a bike. Your guide will make sure the tour is suited for your technical abilities as well as your fitness level. We have a huge choice of loops available. 

We provide the electrical mountain bikes, helmet and the guide.

This activity is suited for individuals or group.  Young children (from 3 to 10 yo) could eventually join on a bike trailer on some tours. 

Safely discover breathtaking sceneries, enjoy the Val de Bagne’s antique charm of remote villages, the fauna and flora as well as the gastronomy.

Feel & Enjoy the power of mountains

Discover the charm of antique villages

Many of our tours pass through some antique and charming villages.  It is surprising to find such exotic places so close to Verbier with ancient water mills or original Mazots.

Observe the fauna & flora

You are very likely depending on the season to observe wildlife during the tours including Ibex (wild goats), groundhogs (marmots), deers etc.

Improve your fitness & well-beeing

Enjoy culinary specialities


Our E-bike tours is a way to discover superb natural sceneries, small villages, breathtaking views on lakes and mountains, it can also be a way to practice a fun and physical activity in a natural environment.
Our guides will adapt the tour to your personal objectives, level of fitness and technical abilities. You don’t need any prior mountain bike experiences for most of our tours. But if you do we can guide you in more challenges paths too.

There is a huge choice of loop we can do. In some cases we also use lift and cable cars. 

Discovery tour (Half-day)
– Half days starts from 08:30 (or later) until 12:30 pm
– Half days start from 2 pm until 6:30 pm

Full Day (09:30 am – 6:30 pm )
We take various break during the trip (including lunch, drinks, sometimes swims) as sometimes we might need to recharge the batteries literally and figuratively!

We also have amazing multiple days excursions, but we only take participants we knows to make sure the loops will be adapted to your fitness and technical level even though we have the infrastructure to cope with any technical of physical issues.


Your guide will determine the tour based on your objectives, your level of fitness and confidence/ability to steer the bike  as well as the weather forecast. Mountain areas can change quickly and some paths could end up being more difficult than planned. 

Guides are also there to help you manage your e-bike and battery in a way you don’t end up in a tricky situation with an empty battery in the middle of nowhere. 





Our prices include:

  • Bike guide
  • One new Electrical Mountain Bike with rugged tyre and front suspension for each participant 
  • Helmet

Our prices do not include: 

  • Drinks
  • Lunch
  • Transport from home to le Châble or Verbier


Half days guided tour can be booked:

MORNING from 08:30 (or later) to 12:30 (or earlier). AFTERNOON from 14:00 (or later) to 18:30 (or earlier).

# of pers Price per pers.
390 CHF
2 290 CHF
3 220 CHF
4 180 CHF
5 150 CHF
6 130 CHF
7 120 CHF
8 110 CHF
9 100 CHF
10 or more 95 CHF



FULL DAY guided tour have flexible schedule based on your choice usually from 09:00 to 19:00. You can also ask for some specific schedule outside this time frame. 

# of pers Price per pers.
590 CHF
2 365 CHF
3 280 CHF
4 250 CHF
5 220 CHF
6 190 CHF
7 170 CHF
8 160 CHF
9 150 CHF
10 or more 145 CHF



The electric motor activates whenever you pedal, providing the assistance you choose.You can switch between different modes from Economic to Turbo modes. This way you select how much electrical assistance you want.  Obviously more assistance you choose quicker the battery will run out. 

Your guide is here to make sure you complete a tour without coming back uphill without any battery left!

If you are entitled to go on narrow paths, the e-bike have also assistance when you walk and push them up-hill. They have a walking mode, wich will saves you a lot of energy too…

You will be provided you with state of the art, electrically assisted mountain bikes with rugged off road tyres and suspensions.






The minimum age for riding an electric bike is 14 in Switzerland.
There is no other  restriction as far as you are physically and technically fit enough to ride a bike. Please let us know if you are scared of heights even on a wide path.

You guide will be yours…E-bike tour is a great activity for individuals as for small group of friends or family. Individually or for people of similar fitness level you will be able to exercise more. For people of different fitness level you can always adjust your level of assistance to exercise as much as less fit member of the group. 

E-bike tour is a great activity as corporate incentives or team building.
(Corporate events, incentives and team building)
We also organise team building challenges such as orientation races, parcours, etc. Please contact us directly if you consider having a team building activity this summer (we offer other activities in winter too).
From trendy and stylish places in Verbier to some remote and authentic lodges of the Haut Val de Bagnes, we can provide an important range of accommodation for your company.
Inspire your employees with a fancy indoor or outdoor event for sustainable teambuilding and choose the right event for you and your company.
Many of our events are also perfect as a short input as example between a Meeting or Seminar. We carry out the events ourselves and are therefore flexible at any time fo day or nigth throughout Switzerland. We come directly to you in the seminar hotel, on the company site or wherever you plan the event.



E-bike will increase motivation and help people of different fitness levels to access fun and physical activity in a natural environment. Electrical assisted mountain bikes will allow you to enjoy riding incredible sceneries at a higher speed. It just make your playground bigger, but you can still exercise. E-mountain bike can improve the fitness of everyone including overweight and older individuals. As you can more easily adapt the effort to your physical abilities, e-bikes are a perfect way to improve your health and fitness: from your fat metabolism to your mental well-being.
While riding 4x4 paths uphill in the mountains would require an incredible fitness, e-bikes will just adapt to your fitness and allow you to improve it as well. Our guides are also educated in human physiology and metabolism to allow you to reach your objectives while enjoying natural beauties.



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